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40t out of 49.5t plastic recovered

Plastic action made easy

Plastic Action for brands and individuals against the negative impacts caused by our Plastic Footprint.

Precycles PlasticCompensation App

Our one-click solution for all your eco-conscious customers, who want to take responsibility of their plastic footprint. With our e-commerce App, you enable your customers to offset their plastic waste directly from your checkout.

Learn more about personal Plastic Action

IndividualPlastic Action

Plastic Action for you! Take ownership of your Plastic Footprint and support fair collection and recycling of plastic waste. Make the world a bit cleaner and better, month by month!

One click for a Triple Impact

Social Impact

Creating fair employment and safe work conditions for on-ground waste workers fighting the plastic crisis.

Environmental Impact

Ethically collecting and recycling plastic waste from landfills, oceans and beaches.

Economic Impact

Formalizing local waste management sector and increasing recycling capacities globally.

Plastic Action accessible for everyone!

Learn more about Precycle’s digital tools for individuals & brands to compensate instantly plastic waste caused, and contribute to global plastic recycling.


“Plastic pollution is an issue that is close to our heart. While we constantly look for alternatives, we also understand the need for an immediate action. This is why we chose to Precycle and encourage our customers to do the same.“

Patrick Wippel
CEO Fairfox
Mit Ecken und Kanten

“We ran a pilot with the Precycle team and we were happy to see that our Mit Ecken Und Kanten community is equally passionate about the plastic crisis. We always want to encourage meaningful actions and interactions within our community and this collaboration felt like a good step forward. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next!“

Jessica Könnecke
Founder Mit Ecken und Kanten


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