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November 08, 2021 · 3 min read

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Precycle is building a fair waste management infrastructure that reduces plastic waste from the past, present, and future. Our plastic credit system allows brands and individuals to take united action against plastic consumption.

It is now possible to consider the end of a product's lifecycle and prepare adequate infrastructure prior to its disposal. Instead of leaving plastics afterlife up to chance, we can create waste management structures that take preemptive action. Precycle aims to create safe plastic biorhythms that harmonize with the natural world. This is possible through our plastic credit system. Plastic Credits are generated by our impact partners - recyclers in the Global South who recover and recycle plastic waste under fair work conditions. These credits can be used by brands and individuals in the Global North, who want to offset their plastic emissions. 100% of the offset value is directed to our partner projects on-ground. This contribution increases overall profit margins for recyclers, who operate in highly informal and competitive markets. Higher margins enable workers to self-sustain and invest in upscaling their operations. This also creates an incentive for other recyclers to follow operational standards.

Waste Workers

Our impact

We partner up with recyclers in developing nations who meet our impact standards. All our divisions will be run according to third party certification standards. Potential partners for transparency include Verra Plastic Waste Reduction and Ocean Bound Plastic Neutrality, to ensure that we maintain ethical and sustainable practices. Our goal is to create triple impact: social, economic and environmental.

Social Impact

Waste workers in developing nations are predominantly unregistered and denied access to fair wages and health security. This sector also often sees child labour as it is highly unregulated. By incentivizing players into formalizing their operations, we ensure that workers have access to dignified employment and an opportunity for a better future for themselves and their families!

Economic Impact - making plastic recycling profitable

By ethically collecting and recycling plastic waste from landfills, oceans and beaches we aren’t just reducing water and land pollution, we’re also increasing the flow of recycled plastic into the global market. Moreover, by making finance and technology available to these countries we are helping the plastic recycling sector scale and grow. By investing into the plastic recycling market, and helping it flourish, we can make the plastic recycling sector both profitable and sustainable.

Environmental Impact

Our model focuses on:

  • the recovery and recycling of plastic waste from the environment
  • globally financing the waste management infrastructure

This means that while removing waste from land and ocean today, we are also building a solution for the plastic currently in the consumption cycle that will become the waste of tomorrow. In other words, we’re creating a sustainable ecosystem that handles plastic waste from the past, present, and future.

Why act now? The environmental burden of plastic pollution is steadily increasing. The material is not just found in land, air, and water but now also inside animals and human bodies. Plastic pollution will remain in our environment for decades to come if we don't find an immediate solution that treats the accumulating waste material.

To get started: choose the quantity of plastic you want to bring back into the system (with one credit being equivalent to 1kg) and we send your contribution directly to where it does the most. One of our partner organizations in a low-income country will collect and recycle the credit amount on your behalf - under fair and safe working conditions.

You're just one click away from leading a plastic-conscious life or building an environmentally-friendly brand that leaves a clean legacy.

We are all part of the problem - be part of the solution!

You can join the precycle community today and contribute to creating a better tomorrow!

In the next article you will read more about the People of Precycle! and how the mission to fix the global plastic system brought 6 individuals from 3 different continents together.

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