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Building a plastic system that is beneficial for the planet and its people

Divided by continents,
united by a mission.

Our journey started at the advent of the global pandemic, when we began our research on the global plastic problem and found that money doesn’t go where the trash lands. It was our mission to fix the global plastic system that brought 6 strangers from three different continents together to start the Precycle’s journey. Our team is testament to the fact that global issues need global solutions through global representation! Even though we come from different walks of life, we do have one thing in common- Love for our planet!

We love our 'why'

In the global plastic system money doesn’t go where the trash goes. High-income nations in the name of incineration, waste exportation and ineffective EPR system have done nothing but increased the ecological burden. And in the low-income nations lack of infrastructure, illegal dumping and informal operations are increasing the social and environmental disparity. There is an urgent need to develop a plastic infrastructure that recycles more than it dumps waste on land and in water bodies.

And so we are building a global plastic system that will benefit the planet and its people!

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